Welcome to the website of the Vintage Swing Band. My name is Bruce Cameron and I am the founder of the band. When I was in college in New York, I formed my first band, The Brass Brotherhood. It was made up of high school and college musicians. We played about 25 gigs over three years and had a great time. I then graduated from college, started working, got transferred, got married, had four sons and a great career in the computer software space.

I retired about 8 years ago and was thinking of all I would do with this precious time I now had. Ten grandchildren, golf, tennis, boating, involvement with church and community…this all seemed enough for a year or two. However, I still had that love of the Big Band. So, with the full support of my wife, we converted our basement to a 1400 square foot studio enough for 20 musicians, several singers, and about 50 people to enjoy the music. I then started recruiting musicians. At first I was looking for people like myself who played a lot in college but not much after. I was surprised by the number of school band leaders, people giving private lessons, people who had kept up their playing who were interested in joining.

We hit the ground running and bought a piano, many other instruments, chairs, stands, microphones, mutes and most of all MUSIC. We practiced for our first concert in the studio which was all Christmas music. We had over 50 neighbors and friends join us and had a great evening, The band was a full 20 people and everyone was doing great. Our second studio concert was set up for April 2020…then the pandemic! The band was shut down for 15 months. We had our first practice on June 14, 2021, and we are again ready to be playing the music we love.

Vintage Swing Band does not play for the money…instead any money we receive pays for the music and goes to scholarships for kids' music programs.

We are prepared to play anywhere….at a park, at a pool, in a large field with over 2000 people (that’s our September gig), at a restaurant, in a dance hall, or maybe someday on the stage at the Arcada! Give us a call with any questions. The website includes our music and pictures of the band members in our attire. I bet that if you live in the TriCity area you already know one of our members.