Meet Todd Hewell IV; our go-to guy!  Todd has been immersed in music from an early age starting as a trumpet  player in his high school band.  Lucky for The Vintage Swing Band, he's not just musical; he also has a talent for tech. His dedication to both music and technology led him to find avenues to combine these passions throughout his life. Holding an undergraduate degree and MBA in Business from Indiana University, Todd brings a unique blend of musical talent and business sense to the table. His expertise extends beyond music, encompassing technology, website creation and design, as well as sound mixing. His skillset's a playlist of music, tech, website wizardry, and sound mixing. This band member brings a fusion of musical and business knowledge - a unique blend that the band continues to be thankful for each step of the way.

Todd's connection to the Vintage Swing Band runs deep, as his father was an original member. His father asked Todd to join, and it was not long before Todd's dedication shone through. Todd took charge of launching the band's official website. He continues to jazz it up with gig blogs, a spotlight section, photos, reviews, and videos, perpetually enhancing the band's online presence. Through his videography and photography skills, Todd has captured visuals that have significantly contributed to the band's marketing efforts. In addition to all of this, he’s designed a music repository, making it a breeze for the band to access tunes and parts. This has been a game-changer for helping all of the instrumentalists prepare for each rehearsal. He's the leader behind the scenes, making sure the band's always hitting the right notes and ready for the next gig.

Todd Hewell IV continues to be a driving force behind VSB. His multifaceted involvement intertwines seamlessly with the band's continued growth. Our “Todd4” combines his passion for music, technological expertise, and unwavering support to continually elevate The Vintage Swing Band to the next level.



“An unsung hero”. That might just be the perfect title for Pam Cameron. The Vintage Swing Band might still be an idea waiting to come to fruition if not for the behind- the- scenes leadership, organization, cheerleading, and physical work that Pam has selflessly provided. Although Pam will not be found in any of the musical sections, her “fingerprint” can be found in every aspect of the band.

Pam and Bruce Cameron have been collaborating successfully their entire married lives. Long before the idea of founding a big band was a dream, they were busy raising their four boys. Pam was a hands-on mother: active in their school and sports lives. Perhaps this is where her penchant for organizing started? Eventually, Pam found time for a career outside the home. She was a stellar educator who taught at both the elementary and middle school levels. As a middle school science teacher and team leader, she created magic within her classroom and for a team of teachers who relied on her to keep everything running smoothly. Perhaps this is where her leadership skills and unending patience was fostered?

Pam’s involvement with the band started with helping to design the studio. Shortly after its completion, she was busy compiling the band’s repertoire for all 24 members. Twice yearly the band rotates their music based on a theme. Pam’s ability to update all of the music binders and create a seamless system is a miracle in itself. She also initiated procedures for set up and tear down for gigs; not an easy task for an entire big band. In fact, her streamlined approach keeps all members working like a well oiled machine - from emptying the trailer to the final packing up of the equipment.

Pam's unparalleled work ethic and unwavering dedication to the band consistently shine through. She possesses an innate ability to streamline operations and devise more efficient systems, which significantly bolster the band's success. To those outside of the Vintage Swing Band, Pam may simply appear to be an unsung hero. But ask any member of the band and they will let you know that she is the glue that holds us all together, the heart behind each musical beat and the energizer bunny who just never stops… - a true gem.




The Vintage Swing band welcomed Jonathan Novak, also known as JJ, as one of its first members. JJ's musical journey began back in 5th grade when he started playing the clarinet. He quickly expanded his skills to include the tenor saxophone while enjoying his time in band classes. Among JJ’s initial mentors, Eric Bachmann, his middle school band director, played a pivotal role in shaping his musical journey.

Continuing his passion for horn playing through high school, JJ eventually made it a focal point of his studies at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington. He is now pursuing a master's degree at VanderCook College of Music in Chicago while also teaching at Arbor Park Middle School in Oak Forest.

Bruce discovered JJ through his network and invited him to join the band in 2018, alongside four other sax players. When Bruce asked JJ about his instruments, JJ mentioned playing the alto, tenor, and clarinet. Bruce playfully teased him about the baritone sax, which JJ didn't have yet. As it turns out, JJ loves the baritone sax almost as much as his tenor. He quickly became a crucial member of the band, taking on the lead tenor role and showcasing his versatility by playing the flute, clarinet, and alto saxophone whenever the band needed.

JJ's contributions to the band are vast—he's a talented musician, taking the lead on solos and helping with musical arrangements and phrasing. His dedication to The Vintage Swing Band while balancing a full-time job and pursuing a master's degree has earned him immense respect. While not the typical scholarship candidate, the band recognizes JJ's remarkable commitment and continued pursuit for learning, and has decided to award him our scholarship in 2023. The Vintage Swing Band is truly fortunate to count JJ among its members. His presence has significantly enhanced our band, elevated our performances and musicality.